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58b9580b 10/20/2019 02:40 PM admin

BUILD: More work typemaker2 targets.

0e372be2 01/04/2019 11:59 PM admin

BUILD: Added Makefile target "typedefs".

7f84dd77 12/15/2018 01:11 PM admin

Added support for cppcheck and scan-build.

fa8af718 12/07/2018 01:05 AM admin

AqBanking6: Statically link plugins into AqBanking.

- therefore I had to move the plugins folder below "libs" and create the
real AqBanking library (containing the plugins now) in "libs"

72ed699b 07/10/2010 05:06 PM martin

Removed frontends for AqBanking5.

The frontends have been obsoleted by GWEN's Dialog Framework.
Also, the frontends weren't well maintained anyway: The QT4 dialogs haven't
been tested very well since I didn't use them myself. There are replacements
for the QT3 and QT4 frontends in Gwen's Dialog Framework....

8ed6b45f 05/06/2009 11:15 PM martin

Added tool AqBanking-CLI.
This is now licensed under the GPL (but only the non-EBICS version).

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

706f9cfa 11/27/2007 11:00 PM martin

- fixed a serious bug in Pin/Tan: Was not constructing the password
name correctly, so multiple pin/tan users could not be distinguished
- removed aqbanking-tool from SVN (no longer used)

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

2e39df9c 11/22/2007 06:37 PM martin

merged branch-aq3 back to trunk

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

3bac1841 04/05/2006 12:45 PM martin

- fixed's to use "$(MAKE)" instead of hardcoded "make" (should fix
build on *BSD)

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

372522c9 08/16/2005 05:38 AM aquamaniac

- more work on build system

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

c55014d7 08/09/2005 05:40 AM aquamaniac

- swallowed and adapted AqHBCI-QT-Tools
- fixed QT frontend

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

9f3e4d84 08/05/2005 08:13 PM aquamaniac

- build-system: Now the symlinks for all headers are created below the folder
"headers" in $(top_builddir)
- added frontend "cbanking" (console) (aqbanking-tool now uses this rather
than having its own console ui files)

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

3d65f86f 05/13/2005 04:42 PM aquamaniac

- added functions
- AB_ImExporterContext_toDb()
- AB_ImExporterContext_fromDb()
- AB_ImExporterAccountInfo_dup()
- AB_ImExporterAccountInfo_toDb()
- AB_ImExporterAccountInfo_fromDb()
- AB_AccountStatus_List_dup()
- added command line tool which allows some basic operations (aqbanking-tool)...

4616b03e 01/22/2005 09:40 PM aquamaniac

- added I18N stuff, added German translation

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

36c6be3a 09/07/2004 08:20 PM aquamaniac

- added plugins for DTAUS and SWIFT (taken from AqHBCI)

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e

29a14cd2 07/30/2004 12:32 PM aquamaniac

Initial revision

git-svn-id: 5c42a225-8b10-0410-9873-89b7810ad06e