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cdf082e4 12/16/2018 11:41 PM admin

ImExport: Started working on a generic XML im-/exporter.

- this module uses XML files to translate an incoming XML file into
a GWEN_DB which is then imported.
- added function AB_Banking_FindDataFileForImExporter()
- incremented version

f4a16f5b 12/16/2018 04:36 AM admin

Added CAMT parser. AB_BALANCE uses GWEN_DATE now. Removed AB_ACCOUNT_STATUS.

7f84dd77 12/15/2018 01:11 PM admin

Added support for cppcheck and scan-build.

fa8af718 12/07/2018 01:05 AM admin

AqBanking6: Statically link plugins into AqBanking.

- therefore I had to move the plugins folder below "libs" and create the
real AqBanking library (containing the plugins now) in "libs"