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  aqbanking 4f24c68e almost 2 years Ludolf Holzheid Enable optical TAN methods for aqanking-cli and...
  aqbankingpp 58b9580b almost 2 years admin BUILD: More work typemaker2 targets.
  plugins 0a08c3d1 almost 2 years mlenk Avoid changing ownership/permissions on unpacki...
.gitignore 22 Bytes 8a5b5c53 almost 3 years admin BUILD: Major simplification; directly use profi... 1.28 KB 58b9580b almost 2 years admin BUILD: More work typemaker2 targets.
ab-value-test.c 896 Bytes 189e4bf3 over 2 years admin aqbanking: Fixed a bug in AB_VALUE, removed AB_...
dummy.c 0 Bytes fa8af718 almost 3 years admin AqBanking6: Statically link plugins into AqBank...
testlib.c 4.46 KB 5ba2a82f over 2 years admin Started simplifying BUILD process. - no longer...

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0a08c3d1 11/04/2019 10:06 PM mlenk

Avoid changing ownership/permissions on unpacking tar archive when run as root

Without the option `--no-same-owner` tar (when run as root) would try to create
files with the same user/uid as the user that created the tar archive. On some
weird systems this would cause the build to fail....

7c398f2f 11/03/2019 11:36 PM Ludolf Holzheid

List of commands for --help

This updates the list of commands shown by 'aqbankinkg-cli --help' and
'aqhbci-tool4 --help'.

4f24c68e 11/03/2019 11:36 PM Ludolf Holzheid

Enable optical TAN methods for aqanking-cli and aqhbci-tool4

This is based on a patch from Wolfgang Hamann.

If a TAN is to be generated via an optical mechanism, an external tool
is called to show the graphics, if the name of the external tool has
been specified on the command line.

2778de06 11/01/2019 11:45 PM admin


If a server violates the specs by prematurely closing the physical connection
the normal reaction was to set the user flag
AH_USER_FLAGS_TLS_IGN_PREMATURE_CLOSE. Since there is hardly any security...

900c4e0a 10/28/2019 11:13 PM Ludolf Holzheid

Add "chipTAN-QR" to the list of TAN method names

The DKB uses "Q1S" as TAN method ID to designate chipTAN-QR.
Fortunately, the TAN method name "chipTAN-QR" is more expressive.

e813eaf1 10/28/2019 11:00 PM admin

AqFinTS: Added TODO entries.

5c8f3c3a 10/28/2019 11:00 PM admin

SWIFT: Applied a patch provided by pkzw via #153.

This patch should allow for the SWIFT parser to detect if an MT940
document already is UTF8-encoded (as opposed to iso8559-1 which is
normaly expected).

bb444631 10/28/2019 07:02 PM admin

AqFinTS: More work on client code.

2ff95d54 10/28/2019 01:27 AM admin

AqFinTS: Added a way to set the TAN-relevant segment code.

For some TAN jobs the code of the segment to sign with a TAN is needed.

1d275494 10/28/2019 12:54 AM admin

AqFinTS: Simplified session management.

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