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  libs c96cc7a7 over 1 year admin AqHBCI: Include patch for RxH-10 provided by Th...
  test 9015209e about 2 years cstimming Finalize Makefile improvements to enable separa...
  tools 0bb40bd4 over 1 year Elias Oltmanns aqbanking-cli: Let "listbal" really default to ... 400 Bytes 0e372be2 over 2 years admin BUILD: Added Makefile target "typedefs".

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# Date Author Comment
0bb40bd4 09/11/2019 08:09 AM Elias Oltmanns

aqbanking-cli: Let "listbal" really default to balance type "booked"

Add minor change in order to complete commit e0391a3c.

c96cc7a7 09/11/2019 12:46 AM admin

AqHBCI: Include patch for RxH-10 provided by Thomas (thbe) via issue #41

740e0976 09/11/2019 12:25 AM admin

AqHBCI: Fixed a problem with ChallengeHHD.

- some banks send HHD code with a length field size of 3 digits, some use
only 2 bytes. This can't be detected from outside, so we need to check first
for a three byte size and if that fails we fallback to 2 bytes length....

fdf2e09d 09/10/2019 12:04 AM admin

AqHBCI: No longer send HKEND twice.

2428de80 09/09/2019 11:03 PM admin

AqHBCI: Added JobGetBankInfo.

- this job retrieves BPD anonymously as needed for PSD2 with SCA
- fixed AH_Outbox__CBox_CloseDialog() to correctly handle anonymous dialogs

c84a0a01 09/06/2019 04:47 PM admin

Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/mp-20190905-FINTS_PSD2'
This merge should make AqHBCI ready for PSD2 with strong customer authentication.

d904841b 09/06/2019 04:47 PM admin

AqHBCI: Removed unneeded code.

53e9a89e 09/06/2019 04:30 PM admin

AqHBCI: Strong Customer Authentication seems to be working now. Should be fully PSD2-ready.

41a670fc 09/06/2019 01:00 AM admin

AqHBCI: More work on PSD2. Not yet finished.

- need to add signers for 2nd TAN message...

097f860e 09/05/2019 11:28 PM admin

AqHBCI: Increased verbosity.

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