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  aqbanking-cli 0bb40bd4 over 1 year Elias Oltmanns aqbanking-cli: Let "listbal" really default to ...
  mkdeinfo 9015209e about 2 years cstimming Finalize Makefile improvements to enable separa... 408 Bytes 21899b3e about 2 years admin Re-enabled internal mkdeinfo.

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# Date Author Comment
0bb40bd4 09/11/2019 08:09 AM Elias Oltmanns

aqbanking-cli: Let "listbal" really default to balance type "booked"

Add minor change in order to complete commit e0391a3c.

49f4957f 08/26/2019 10:38 PM admin

Use runtime data in aqbanking-cli and aqhbci-tool.

8fc76e3c 08/19/2019 04:41 PM admin

AqEBICS: Fixed translation handling.

9015209e 04/26/2019 11:00 PM cstimming

Finalize Makefile improvements to enable separate builddir again.

This was caused mainly by 5ba2a82f.
With this commit, everything works with separate builddir again.

00be0c81 03/23/2019 06:24 PM admin


1e30129a 03/23/2019 06:24 PM admin

aqbanking-cli: Re-implemented command "fillgaps".

56809c1a 03/22/2019 11:14 PM admin

aqbanking-cli: Re-implemented commands "sepadebitnotes" and "sepatransfers"

- improved APIDOC for "listtrans"
- result of "make format"

189e4bf3 03/17/2019 02:26 AM admin

aqbanking: Fixed a bug in AB_VALUE, removed AB_Value_toHumanReadableString2

- fixed a off-by-one error which led to the currency not being saved in
- AB_Value_toHumanReadableString2() > AB_Value_toHumanReadableString()

7faa2f98 03/16/2019 09:02 PM admin

aqbanking-cli: Improved help string of "listtrans".

8ddf0102 03/16/2019 01:30 AM admin

aqbanking-cli: Improved readability in "listtrans".

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