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aqbanking / src @ ef63ee14

Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  libs ef63ee14 almost 3 years admin BUILD: No longer autobuild typemaker2 files. A...
  test f58940f1 over 3 years admin Importer test: Added testcase for CSV.
  tools 5bc3f3e7 almost 3 years admin Fixed a few problems reported by clang-static-a... 182 Bytes fa8af718 almost 3 years admin AqBanking6: Statically link plugins into AqBank...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
ef63ee14 12/15/2018 02:05 AM admin

BUILD: No longer autobuild typemaker2 files.

Autobuilding was problematic when compiling tarball.

ea1a8efb 12/15/2018 01:29 AM admin

BUILD: Dont install cellphoneproduct.h

eb3f6461 12/15/2018 01:29 AM admin

AqBanking6: Moved AB_Banking_GetProviderDescrs() to banking.h

This is an exported function.

61c596a2 12/15/2018 01:28 AM admin

SWIFT: Fixed a typo.

31e0138e 12/15/2018 01:28 AM admin

AqHBCI: Renamed a variable ("e" is a bad var name to search for).

7c8bed76 12/15/2018 01:27 AM admin

AqHBCI, AqOfxConnect: Dont show user id in output, just the unique id.

84abe2ba 12/15/2018 01:19 AM admin

AB_TRANSACTION: added originatorId, stringIdForApplication (needed by KMM).

stringIdForApplication is used in my patch for KMYMoney to store the
job id for KMYMoney.

88a0a699 12/15/2018 01:17 AM admin

BUILD: No longer install *_be.h files.

5bc3f3e7 12/14/2018 08:24 PM admin

Fixed a few problems reported by clang-static-analyzer.

c92a8a70 12/13/2018 08:21 PM admin

aqbanking6: Added compatibility functions for KMyMoney.

KMyMoney uses AB_Banking_GetAccountByAlias() in AqBanking5, which in
turn uses application-specific data storage provided by previous versions
of AqBanking. I planned to removed that in AqBanking6. However, to port...

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