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21d19cb6 08/14/2019 09:11 PM admin

AqOfxConnect: Re-enabled dialogs, fixed messages.

Generated messages now contain more newline characters so that there is
only one tag per line (which helps with some servers).

1c6732fa 08/14/2019 09:09 PM admin

AqBanking: Added debug output.

35a12790 08/08/2019 07:50 PM admin

AqHBCI: Enable key creation in RAH mode (patch provided by thbe via ticket #35).

5a8d5c3a 08/07/2019 04:46 PM admin

Improved newKeyfile dialog (patch provided by thbe via bugtracker #35).

The dialog worked with RDH-only, this patch theoretically adds support
for RAH (or other modes) as well.

cbc74070 08/07/2019 04:43 PM admin

Fixed some memory leaks (provided by thbe via bugtracker #35).

c1da3c80 08/06/2019 11:19 PM cstimming

Improve error message if the public key of the bank is missing (add log message).

abd380c3 07/08/2019 12:14 AM admin

BUILD: Increased version number.

4ddb7f9b 07/07/2019 06:33 PM admin

AqBanking: Added support for runtime config data (for FinTS registration).

For applications using FinTS/HBCI the German ZKA requiries applications
to be registered (see
The registration key must somehow be passed from the application directly...

f362ea72 06/25/2019 12:35 AM admin

AqHBCI: Diesable sending segment code in HKTAN in all places except in tan process "1".

38d3b735 06/24/2019 11:15 PM admin

AqHBCI: Fixed a bug in HKTAN5.

Segment code should only be set in these cases:
- TAN process 1
- TAN process 4 AND strong verification

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