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aqfinance / src @ 1a3fe7c5

Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  apps b5462736 5 months admin engine: Reworked statement/transaction import ...
  fox 1a3fe7c5 5 months admin Fixed a bug (was not creating widgets).
  lib 3a7bd9fe 5 months admin Minor changes.
0BUILD 84 Bytes f80df58c 6 months admin build: Completed building setup for gwenbuild. ... 440 Bytes ef909ba6 over 2 years admin BUILD: No longer autobuild source files from XM...
dummy.c 0 Bytes 2df43fc1 almost 13 years admin Completed dbdir plugin, added AE_IDCOUNTER, mor...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
1a3fe7c5 06/03/2021 05:38 PM admin

Fixed a bug (was not creating widgets).

c8ed484a 06/03/2021 05:38 PM admin

No longer rely on base layouter for FF_ModTabPage derived classes.

f194f388 06/03/2021 05:36 PM admin

Change layouter for FF_ModTabPage from FXVerticalFrame to FXHorizontalFrame

6c2a1cd5 06/03/2021 05:17 PM admin

More work on module structure.

- bank accounts module now uses FF_ModTabBook and related classes
- added "closeable" argument to FF_ModTabBook::addTabPage()

cd890af8 06/03/2021 04:02 PM admin

Work on FF_Module and related classes.

- FF_ModTabPage now has access to FF_Module via FF_ModTabBook
- make transfers module use FF_ModTabPage and FF_ModTabBook

92325db9 06/01/2021 11:32 PM admin

More work on refactoring transfer module.

d5972610 06/01/2021 10:32 PM admin

Added classes inheriting FXMenuCommand to be used for new inter-module-comm.

- FF_ObjectMenuCommand
- FF_StatementMenuCommand

9431683d 06/01/2021 10:30 PM admin

Started reworking inter-module-communication. Starting with transfer module.

7140d1bb 05/24/2021 01:43 PM admin

Started working on timespan view.

3a7bd9fe 05/24/2021 01:41 PM admin

Minor changes.

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