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11:17 PM AqBanking Revision b00bc994 (aqbanking): AqFINTS: Added TODO.
10:40 PM AqBanking Revision 3adffbe5 (aqbanking): AqFINTS: Added minor documentation.
10:40 PM AqBanking Revision de03d1d1 (aqbanking): AqFINTS: Added function wrapSignatures() for PINTAN mode.
09:26 PM AqFinance Revision 7e0cf09b (aqfinance): Use AqBanking's runtime config data.
09:25 PM AqFinance Revision fcba6628 (aqfinance): FF_TransferEdit: Fixed a problem with multiline purpose.
Some banks reportedly have problems with newlines inside purpose fields,
so we use spaces again to concenate multiple...
09:11 PM AqBanking Revision 21d19cb6 (aqbanking): AqOfxConnect: Re-enabled dialogs, fixed messages.
Generated messages now contain more newline characters so that there is
only one tag per line (which helps with some ...
09:09 PM AqBanking Revision 1c6732fa (aqbanking): AqBanking: Added debug output.


11:56 PM AqBanking Revision b4be2910 (aqbanking): AqFINTS: More work on PinTan signing.
- add AQFINTS_Session_Get/SetIsServer()
- renamed file s_pintan_prepare.c to s_pintan_sign.c
07:16 PM AqBanking Revision a97808a0 (aqbanking): AqFINTS: Added README.


07:46 PM AqBanking Revision c64fd946 (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Enable key creation in RAH mode (patch provided by thbe vi...

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