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01:50 PM AqBanking Bug #226 (Feedback): gwenhywfar-5.4.0 bad GPG signature
01:50 PM AqBanking Bug #226: gwenhywfar-5.4.0 bad GPG signature
Please share a checksum of the tar.gz file (e.g. using the sha256sum command).


10:36 AM AqBanking Bug #224 (Resolved): invalid pkg-config fields
I've removed the variables in commit commit:0712844567d4073d77b1149cb2c570861a723482.
10:33 AM AqBanking Revision 9091b0d2 (aqbanking): aqbanking-config: Drop flags for querying QBanking variables
These variables don't exist in the pkg-config file, so querying them with
pkg-config would fail anyways.
10:28 AM AqBanking Revision 07128445 (aqbanking): Drop malformed and unused pkg-config variables
These variables with a dash in their name are causing parsing errors in a more
strict pkg-config file parser (OpenBSD...


11:52 AM AqBanking Bug #224: invalid pkg-config fields
I'm not sure whether these variables are used anywhere at all. So I wonder whether instead of fixing them we should r...


09:48 PM Gwenhywfar Revision 61a1362b (gwenhywfar): Switch to pkg-config for detecting OpenSSL properties
09:42 PM Gwenhywfar Revision 6e49b40b (gwenhywfar): Drop unused $(ssl_includes) from tools/gsa/ CPPFLAGS
09:12 PM Gwenhywfar Revision f090e1c0 (gwenhywfar): Cleanup unused autoconf variables GWEN_CRYPTO and USE_CRYPT
09:01 PM Gwenhywfar Revision b4cdb967 (gwenhywfar): Drop $ssl_libraries and $ssl_lib from PROG_LIBRARIES
The only code that makes use of OpenSSL is in gcttool, and this makes use of
$ssl_libraries and $ssl_lib directly.

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