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  • AqBanking (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 10.03.2018)
  • Gwenhywfar (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 10.03.2018)
  • Libchipcard (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 10.03.2018)



22:05 Gwenhywfar Revision f7db2a49 (gwenhywfar): Prepared release 4.20.1


23:45 AqBanking Revision 8a3919e2 (aqbanking): Merge branch 'branch-5.7' except for 25d93135.
This introduces only bc7fb002 into master.
Note: The commit 25d93135 appeared in master before but has been
23:36 AqBanking Revision bc7fb002 (aqbanking): Fix windows type error in callback.
Reported by John Ralls.
23:30 Gwenhywfar Revision 77941178 (gwenhywfar): Merge branch 'branch-4'
23:27 Gwenhywfar Revision 9c15c273 (gwenhywfar): Missing container add for textbrowser
Needed to add gtk_container_add to add the text_view to the scroll
Patch by Robert Fewell in gnucash 9b120f9...
23:27 Gwenhywfar Revision 0c05f39b (gwenhywfar): Error for lineedit when setting text
Critical errors were logged when trying to set the gtkentry text when
value is null, test for this before setting ent...
23:26 Gwenhywfar Revision 8da8ecd6 (gwenhywfar): Couple of missing properties for groupbox
When fixing related combo error a couple of critical errors were logged
for 'Function is not appropriate for this typ...
23:25 Gwenhywfar Revision c9c916b9 (gwenhywfar): Bug794707 - Aqbanking combo boxes missing selection.
Modified w_combobox.c setup procedure was had an error when modified
for gtk3 use.
Patch by Robert Fewell, 7033b331e...


21:28 Gwenhywfar Revision d96063bf (gwenhywfar): Merge branch 'branch-4'
21:28 Gwenhywfar Revision 030463cf (gwenhywfar): Re-indentation of source code to get a unified look of the source.
This was done using astyle-2.03 with the following command:
astyle --style=java --indent=spaces=2 --break-closing-...

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