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  m4 cf474ee8 almost 2 years admin BUILD: Updated gwenhywfar.m4 (copied from aqban...
  po d6e41446 about 2 years admin BUILD: Fix building of typemaker2 files.
  src 92f5e52a 5 months admin query test: Use quotes in test.
  test 56be1022 8 months admin Put all tests together into aqdbtest.
.gitignore 800 Bytes 40080ce3 11 months admin FILE: Added timing layer. This layer allows to...
0BUILD 3.91 KB 59fcfda6 6 months admin Added flag "generated".
AUTHORS 37 Bytes f99de977 over 7 years admin Initial import.
COPYING 23.9 KB f99de977 over 7 years admin Initial import. 104 KB 13ce38c3 over 3 years admin Improved full apidoc creation. 1.88 KB f7e1a62c about 1 year admin Build system restructuring. More work on aqdbto...
Makefile.cvs 4.26 KB 1da35eb8 9 months admin Added Makefile target "sanitize". This uses th...
NEWS 0 Bytes f99de977 over 7 years admin Initial import.
README 72 Bytes a39b420a 8 months admin Test...
TODO 1.8 KB 43edff3b 7 months admin AqDatabase: Some ideas to speedup queries. 336 Bytes f99de977 over 7 years admin Initial import. 16.5 KB fb19dc8b 8 months admin NET: More work on network-based code. 684 Bytes 6ebcd7ee 8 months admin Updated gource script. 727 Bytes 8f795f1a about 7 years admin Added missing script.

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
92f5e52a 05/24/2021 01:37 PM admin

query test: Use quotes in test.

7a29b7c2 05/24/2021 01:36 PM admin

Fixed a bug.

59fcfda6 05/06/2021 01:09 PM admin

Added flag "generated".

04feec7f 05/06/2021 01:05 PM admin

BUILD: Also write and install aqdatabase.pc

9618c353 05/06/2021 12:57 PM admin


85969559 05/06/2021 12:57 PM admin

BUILD: Install typemaker2 files with gwenbuild.

a22f6a36 05/06/2021 12:26 PM admin

Fixed include directions.

3eaceff8 05/05/2021 10:13 PM admin

aqdatabase: Reworked query interface. Allow for const queries. Added tests.

71c3de91 04/18/2021 11:04 PM admin

BUILD: Cleanup 0BUILD files.

5750692b 04/06/2021 12:04 AM admin

0BUILD: More improvements on build files.

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