From 01/23/2019 to 02/21/2019


10:36 PM Revision 070da7aa (aqbanking): BUILD: Incremented version.
10:36 PM Revision 3cc59481 (aqbanking): AqEBICS: Started working on H004, probably fixed A005.
08:18 PM Bug #18 (Closed): aqbanking-cli: DKB request transactions: remoteName in src/plugins/parsers/swif...
08:15 PM AqBanking 5.99.21beta
Diese Version behebt Fehler im SWIFT-Parser, wenn mehrere Salden in einer SWIFDT-Datei (also z.B. beim Umsatzabruf mi... martin
06:24 PM Revision b5bd8837 (aqbanking): Added missing includes.
05:02 PM Revision 2214a46b (aqbanking): aqbanking-cli: Added argument "balanceType" to command "listbal".
Default is to list the latest noted balance for each account. admin
05:00 PM Revision eb120370 (aqbanking): SWIFT-Parser: Fixed another problem with multiple balances
SWIFT tags 60M and 62F are now transformed into temporary balances,
tags 60F and 62F into noted balances.
This solves...
03:26 PM Revision 34d01a34 (aqbanking): SWIFT-Parser: Fixed a bug.
- was not correctly storing value of a saldo
- increased verbosity


01:48 PM Revision ac977170 (aqbanking): Prepared release 5.99.20beta.


10:17 PM Revision b390e9bb (aqbanking): Fixed a typo.


12:26 PM Revision 8d29cefa (aqbanking): aqhbci-AddUser: Fixed a bug.
01:24 AM Revision 1993e36f (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Set default HBCI version to 300


05:08 PM Revision 6261fd0a (aqbanking): CSV: Added profile for Sparkasse Mainz.
05:03 PM Revision cc406a89 (aqbanking): aqbanking-cli: Fixed a bug.


09:04 PM Revision 4f85c215 (aqbanking): Prepared release 5.99.19beta.
08:00 PM Revision 117bc44a (aqbanking): Dont automatically create empty user/account config files.
- AB_Provider_GetUser/Account automatically creates empty config
groups for non-existing users/accounts, but that i...


11:26 PM Revision d28886ff (aqbanking): Result of "make format".
05:23 PM Revision b3af050e (aqbanking): Tools: Output help string to stdout, list possibly user/account flags
- output help strings to stdout instead of stderr
- aqhbci-tool add/subuserflags: List possibly flags in help string
03:47 PM Revision c0bb2408 (aqbanking): aqbanking-cli: Decreased verbosity.
03:43 PM Revision 9c130cc9 (aqbanking): aqbanking-cli: Decreased verbosity.
03:42 PM Revision 5cc34043 (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Cleaned code and improved readability.
Split large functions into smaller ones. admin
03:41 PM Revision 2ee7a594 (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Only update when there was a previous version


10:11 PM Revision 7aa9c2f7 (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Started improving readability of AH_Control_AddUser().
09:37 PM Revision c42aed36 (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Fixed a bug in AH_Control_AddUser() reported by Wolfgang R...
- renamed variables to improve readability
- only check rdhType if cryptMode=rdh


06:15 PM AqBanking 5.99.18beta

h2. Neue Features
Ab dieser Version unterstuetzt AqBanking Dank der tollen Arbeit von Holger Magnussen
und Stef...


05:35 PM Revision a7626f06 (aqbanking): Prepared release 5.99.18beta.
05:35 PM Revision 7f603a22 (aqbanking): BUILD: Removed KtoBlzCheck, Prep
Checking national account number/bank code combinations is no longer
needed in times of SEPA.


05:48 PM Revision 693cbfec (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Added missing function prototypes.
05:44 PM Revision 3d8d6731 (aqbanking): Result of "make format".


11:11 PM Revision aae16870 (aqbanking): Output beautification
Just a beautification of the output, as newlines were not given correctly and erroneous spaces were added. Holger Magnussen
11:10 PM Revision acb88ab0 (aqbanking): Disable "NEXT"/"FINISH" button in case of errors
When one of the operations getkeys/getsysid/getaccounts failed, it was still possible to select CONTINUE/FINISH. This... Holger Magnussen
11:07 PM Revision 9ec71789 (aqbanking): Selection RDH/RAH and get RdhType from Context
Added new parameter to the command line interface. It is now possible to select between RDH/RAH, and the specified --... Holger Magnussen


07:34 PM Revision d9a5dc81 (aqbanking): Fixed some stash conflicts
It seems that a conflict occurred during my last commit, and my changes conflicted with (as it seems) the formating a... Holger Magnussen


10:49 PM Revision 5d0da7ee (aqbanking): Fixed a typo spotted by Thomas Bettler (thanks as usual ;-)
10:47 PM Revision 44637a13 (aqbanking): SWIFT: Added a debug message for ignored well-known tags.
10:43 PM Revision 39786d4a (aqbanking): SWIFT: Ignore some well known values.
Thise values occur in files but the examples I've seen so far don't seem
to be valid values according to the HBCI specs.
10:34 PM Revision 1f9775f3 (aqbanking): SWIFT: Improved message when encountering unexpected tags.
09:46 PM Revision 147b280d (aqbanking): Result of "make format".
Also fixed a bug introduced with #63c8f41fa078d4ca61dedbe75b3c9e232ea1fb19
(seems to have been a git upload conflict ...
04:26 PM Revision 6fbcf022 (aqbanking): Set correct security profile when sending keys. Make sure that the...
sign sequence number is 1 regardless of the real sign counter for the
initial sending of the users public keys to the...
Stefan Bayer


01:12 AM Revision 63c8f41f (aqbanking): GUI can now select implemented RxH-Version for new users and edits
Fixed GUI, so that user can select the RDH/RAH-Versions that are implemented in msgcrypt_rxh_common.c. Small fix that... Holger Magnussen
01:10 AM Revision 2aa0bf49 (aqbanking): GUI can now select implemented RxH-Version for new users and edits
Fixed GUI, so that user can select the RDH/RAH-Versions that are implemented in msgcrypt_rxh_common.c. Small fix that... Holger Magnussen


05:21 PM Revision 8532cde5 (aqbanking): Result of "make format".
05:19 PM Revision 08b51228 (aqbanking): Some formatting.
05:19 PM Revision d96a2bd0 (aqbanking): BUILD: Added target "format".
05:19 PM Revision ecda72cc (aqbanking): Prepared release 5.99.17beta.
05:19 PM Revision 115f7bce (aqbanking): BUILD: Added Makefile target "format".
Just call "make format" to unify the file format through the whole project. admin
04:23 PM Revision a1f4743e (aqbanking): Make hashing in initial key verification more efficient. Allow for
accepting even if key hash and card key hash do not match. Make all
dialogs for key hash verification more verbous.
Stefan Bayer
10:14 AM Revision 936b46e8 (aqbanking): If key number and version of a key to send are stored in the context,
user those values, otherwise use the real version and number from the
crypt token's key info
Stefan Bayer
09:19 AM Revision a6bfc47c (aqbanking): Merge branch 'master' of
Stefan Bayer
09:18 AM Revision 1f6d8226 (aqbanking): Always send system id also even for RDH > 3 with card, (where the CID
should be sufficient). Stefan Bayer


06:26 PM Revision 9aada082 (aqbanking): Removed code duplication (mine and Stefans).
03:24 PM Revision f2993a52 (aqbanking): Make initial key verification even more verbous, try different pos...
buffer sizes for key verification with card hash. Stefan Bayer
08:18 AM Revision 9fc5a9ac (aqbanking): Make key verification function more verbous.
Stefan Bayer


10:36 PM Revision beb00549 (aqbanking): aqhbci-control: Added "listitanmodes" to help string.
10:36 PM Revision ffa2abc9 (aqbanking): Minor format changes.
10:36 PM Revision 5843187e (aqbanking): No longer complain about missing BICs.
BICs are no longer required in SEPA transactions. The BIC is also used
if present but a missing BIC should no longer ...
06:40 PM Revision d0c95f84 (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Moved JobGetSysId into separate files.
06:02 PM Revision 9d4e2d18 (aqbanking): For initial key verification also compare if key number and versio...
the key to verify match the key number and version of the hash provided
in the context of zka cards, if not, ask the ...
Stefan Bayer
05:28 PM Revision 6d1f919d (aqbanking): Revert "Removed unneeded segment definitions."
This reverts commit b387c2520401adaa375aadbaff3f4afcfa83e886. admin


07:35 PM Revision fad4f7de (aqbanking): Adapt to changes in GWEN_Crypt_Token_Context
Stefan Bayer
05:19 PM Revision fe573e17 (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Moved JobTan and JobGetAccountSepaInfo to extra files.
04:26 PM Revision 9b031943 (aqbanking): AqHBCI: Moved job SendKeys to its own file.
04:03 PM Revision 52e484a3 (aqbanking): Removed forgotten remark.
04:02 PM Revision b387c252 (aqbanking): Removed unneeded segment definitions.
Segment format only depends on segment version not on the HBCI version. admin
03:49 PM Revision 6400f057 (aqbanking): Started splitting adminjobs from one whole file into multiple files.
Like with accounts jobs this makes it easier to change specific jobs. admin
02:45 PM Revision aa4eefac (aqbanking): Unified definition of HKISA segments over all versions (caused pro...
with getaccsepa). Added more RAH stuff. Stefan Bayer
01:42 PM Revision ec105984 (aqbanking): fixed bug in internal verification function, modulus buffer length...
not set Stefan Bayer


06:00 PM Revision ecde6488 (aqbanking): added forgotten change in the Makefile for the RDH unification
Stefan Bayer
05:59 PM Revision 0e477d14 (aqbanking): Unified initial bank key verification. Unified RDH crypt functions
including introduction of RAH functionality (this is inactive at the
moment, if you like to test it, uncomment line 1...
Stefan Bayer
12:36 PM Revision 3421663a (aqbanking): Fixed error when using context > 1
If the user choses a context > 1 during setup, the wrong context number was used. Now this should work. Holger Magnussen
01:18 AM Revision 4f285652 (aqbanking): Delete corresponding accounts when deleting user
Accounts assigned to a user to be deleted are also deleted (interactively with respective question for each account) Holger Magnussen


05:09 PM Revision b1c8bcac (aqbanking): Fixed faulty selection of RDH version
There was a mismatch of parameters in the handover to the dialog, with the effect that the RDH version was changed er... Holger Magnussen
05:09 PM Revision 28e02285 (aqbanking): Printing of ini letter fixed
Printing of the ini letter in the gui did not work. This is an ugly fix as it uses the MessageBox function to show th... Holger Magnussen


01:51 AM Revision 2225923d (aqbanking): Partially reverted disabling of AH_Provider_GetCert() in getSysId().
- only for PIN/TAN mode we call getCert() to check the SSL certificate
before asking the user for a pin (even thoug...
01:50 AM Revision 294a778e (aqbanking): Prepared 5.99.16beta.

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