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  admin 693727b0 over 1 year cstimming Add travis build to get automated build feedbac...
  doc 58b9580b over 1 year admin BUILD: More work typemaker2 targets.
  m4 84e9d5b0 over 1 year gjanssens Update gwenhywfar.m4 This version uses pkg-con...
  po c5c413c6 9 days cstimming i18n: Update German translation 794t, 18f, 279u
  src c80e8102 5 days admin AqHBCI: Remove trailing blanks in mimetype.
  tutorials 58b9580b over 1 year admin BUILD: More work typemaker2 targets.
.cvsignore 392 Bytes 2eba86fb about 15 years cstim Add cvsignores git-svn-id: https://devel.aqba...
.gitignore 576 Bytes 77418aec about 2 years admin Added folder "patches" to .gitignore
.gitignore.old 2.54 KB 8a5b5c53 about 2 years admin BUILD: Major simplification; directly use profi...
.travis.yml 436 Bytes 25c3a966 over 1 year Christian Stimming For travis build update downloaded gwenhywfar v...
AUTHORS 37 Bytes 29a14cd2 over 16 years aquamaniac Initial revision git-svn-id:
COPYING 51.5 KB 3e215275 over 1 year admin COPYING: Added Thomas Bethge as contributor und... 104 KB 7c98dba7 over 1 year admin APIDOC: Disable CLANG_ASSISTED_PARSING (doesn't...
INSTALL 9.02 KB 29a14cd2 over 16 years aquamaniac Initial revision git-svn-id: 8.76 KB 7b827568 2 months admin de.po: Fixed translations.
Makefile.cvs 6.96 KB 8960d37f about 2 months admin BUILD: Added makefile target "sanitize".
NEWS 25.7 KB 49c5fcf6 almost 11 years martin Fixed a bug in git-svn-id: https:...
README 16.8 KB 6b4a43fc 6 days admin Updated README.
README.aqbanking6 4.62 KB fdbe190c about 1 month admin Updated docs.
TODO 1.73 KB 75d94f5d 6 days admin Updated TODO. 302 Bytes f5ef01ad over 6 years admin Added CMake package configuration files Makes ... 1.53 KB 661fe19c 15 days ipwizard Provide setting of includedir Set includedir t... 1.52 KB 9091b0d2 5 months mlenk aqbanking-config: Drop flags for querying QBank... 12.2 KB 2f683a18 over 13 years christian Really cleanup registry keys in Inno setup file...
aqbanking.m4 5.62 KB d3deb324 over 1 year gjanssens Rewrite aqbanking.m4 to use pkg-config rather t... 1.14 KB 07128445 5 months mlenk Drop malformed and unused pkg-config variables ... 8.33 KB 26f5998f 11 months ipwizard Amend commit 7f603a2250789 Remove reference to... 41 KB b850fdf0 3 days admin Prepared release 6.2.9. 372 Bytes 1367501c over 2 years admin Minor beauty changes. 3.56 KB 5ba2a82f almost 2 years admin Started simplifying BUILD process. - no longer...

Latest revisions

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37b65ea2 02/22/2021 10:20 PM admin

Released 6.2.9.

b850fdf0 02/22/2021 10:19 PM admin

Prepared release 6.2.9.

c80e8102 02/20/2021 04:42 PM admin

AqHBCI: Remove trailing blanks in mimetype.

0e786880 02/20/2021 12:05 AM admin

AqBanking: Dont warn about our own use of deprecated functions.

AB_GUI uses some of those functions and will continue to do so, however
their definition will go into banking_be.h and no longer be exported for
AqBanking7. So those functions will stay inside AqBanking and still used...

a54fe952 02/20/2021 12:03 AM admin

AqBanking: Mark some internal functions as deprecated.

Only one of these functions is still used by Gnucash (AB_Banking_LoadSharedConfig)
to get the previously shared certificate cache,
and even that call doesn't do anything anymore since AqBanking stores the...

75d94f5d 02/20/2021 12:00 AM admin

Updated TODO.

6b4a43fc 02/19/2021 07:02 PM admin

Updated README.

0ad5cf42 02/19/2021 06:42 PM admin

Released 6.2.8

cb52d958 02/19/2021 06:42 PM admin

Prepared release 6.2.8.

ce77a775 02/19/2021 02:26 PM admin

AqHBCI: Increased verbosity for failed decryption.

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