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ac977170 20.02.2019 13:48 admin

Prepared release 5.99.20beta.

b390e9bb 18.02.2019 22:17 admin

Fixed a typo.

8d29cefa 17.02.2019 12:26 admin

aqhbci-AddUser: Fixed a bug.

1993e36f 17.02.2019 01:24 admin

AqHBCI: Set default HBCI version to 300

6261fd0a 16.02.2019 17:08 admin

CSV: Added profile for Sparkasse Mainz.

cc406a89 16.02.2019 17:03 admin

aqbanking-cli: Fixed a bug.

4f85c215 15.02.2019 21:04 admin

Prepared release 5.99.19beta.

117bc44a 15.02.2019 20:00 admin

Dont automatically create empty user/account config files.

- AB_Provider_GetUser/Account automatically creates empty config
groups for non-existing users/accounts, but that is not always
- added AB_Provider_HasUser/Account()
- call these functions before calling AB_Provider_GetUser/Account() in order...

d28886ff 14.02.2019 23:26 admin

Result of "make format".

b3af050e 14.02.2019 17:23 admin

Tools: Output help string to stdout, list possibly user/account flags

- output help strings to stdout instead of stderr
- aqhbci-tool add/subuserflags: List possibly flags in help string
- aqhbci-tool add/subaccountflags: List possibly flags in help string

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