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4029a65a 11/23/2019 05:33 PM mlenk

Drop obsolete pkg-config variables for qbanking

The former automake variables with_qbanking, qbanking_libs,
qbanking_plugindir and qbanking_helpdir are not substituted anymore, so the
variables defined by them in the pkg-config file are now unusable. I suspect...

5dab1009 11/11/2019 09:46 PM admin

SWIFT: Modified a patch by Wolfgang Hamann (provided via #82).

25c3a966 11/11/2019 08:30 AM Christian Stimming

For travis build update downloaded gwenhywfar version

fd391cba 11/11/2019 02:02 AM admin

Prepared release 5.99.44beta.

0a08c3d1 11/04/2019 10:06 PM mlenk

Avoid changing ownership/permissions on unpacking tar archive when run as root

Without the option `--no-same-owner` tar (when run as root) would try to create
files with the same user/uid as the user that created the tar archive. On some
weird systems this would cause the build to fail....

b7192b9c 11/04/2019 09:33 PM gjanssens

Fixup - print check message before printing result

19fdeb85 11/04/2019 09:33 PM gjanssens

Rewrite aqbanking-config to use pkg-config

d3deb324 11/04/2019 09:33 PM gjanssens

Rewrite aqbanking.m4 to use pkg-config rather than aqbanking-config

For this to work a number or extra variable have also been added to aqbanking.pc
This is similar to the conversion of gwenhywfar.pc. See the gwenhywfar git repo
history for a more detailed steps in the conversion.

84e9d5b0 11/04/2019 09:33 PM gjanssens

Update gwenhywfar.m4

This version uses pkg-config rather than gwenhywfar-config to
extract the requested info. Copied from the gwenhywfar repository

7c398f2f 11/03/2019 11:36 PM Ludolf Holzheid

List of commands for --help

This updates the list of commands shown by 'aqbankinkg-cli --help' and
'aqhbci-tool4 --help'.

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