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342e2ce1 04/01/2019 01:39 PM mlenk

pkg-config: Fix pkgincludedir variable

This variable got out of sync with where the header files are actually
installed to. Apparently nobody noticed this so far because it is barely used.

While at it, also use gwenhywfar_headerdir instead of hardcoded path for the...

597e14d2 03/20/2019 11:56 PM admin

Fixed cppcheck-warnings.

- result of realloc overwritten but not freed
- missing va_end()
- leak f

5d05f53d 03/17/2019 07:21 PM admin

Prepared release 4.99.11beta.

edf4a385 03/17/2019 01:15 AM admin

Decreased verbosity.

d190369e 03/17/2019 01:14 AM admin

TYPEMAKER2: Added type definitions for gwen_xmlnode.

465cb421 03/10/2019 04:44 PM admin

typemaker2: Added option "--no-defs", fixed a few bugs.

- correctly handle "--destfolder"
- fixed "#ifndef" in generated headers

91fc8900 03/07/2019 08:56 PM admin

make format.

c676be0b 03/07/2019 08:45 PM admin

typemaker2: Fixed a bug in name creation.

78332af4 03/07/2019 08:45 PM admin

typemaker2: Fixed a bug (was not using --destfolder).

09fd707a 03/07/2019 08:44 PM admin

Fixed a bug in

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