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  admin 1ded799f almost 2 years admin BUILD: Disable some warnings, started fixing co...
  checks 487e1184 over 1 year admin Fixed many compiler warnings.
  data cd2b14e9 over 1 year admin Only install ca-bundle.crt if needed (fixes #197).
  doc 487e1184 over 1 year admin Fixed many compiler warnings.
  gui 776bd88c about 1 year Łukasz Wojniłowicz Set dylib extension for cmake files on macOS
  m4 b953672c 5 months wrobelda Fix out of tree builds This updates the ax_hav...
  plugins 487e1184 over 1 year admin Fixed many compiler warnings.
  po e55548fb 5 months cstimming i18n: Update German translation 222 translated.
  src e31949e7 27 days rhabacker On Mingw use '/' as dir separator to avoid comp...
  test 128ab6c9 4 months admin OS: Allow GWEN_Process_RunCommandWaitAndGather(...
  tools 4b609de5 about 1 month admin gwenbuild: Add help entry "-d".
.cvsignore 395 Bytes 0394c26b over 12 years martin MARK: Released 3.5.2. git-svn-id: https://dev...
.gitignore 1.43 KB a096feeb 4 months admin gwenbuild: More work. Added separate build cont...
.travis.yml 357 Bytes 75a9a64e over 1 year cstimming Update of travis configuration: Use newer Ubunt...
AUTHORS 183 Bytes a475f6f0 over 15 years aquamaniac - reverted change of filename for gwenhywfar-co...
COPYING 24.2 KB 9e4f9784 over 17 years aquamaniac - IPC: added some callbacks for applications to... 62.5 KB 170e6945 over 1 year admin Doxyfile: Increased DOT_GRAPH_MAX_NODES to 100.
INSTALL 9.02 KB d8f33628 almost 18 years aquamaniac Initial revision git-svn-id: 8.94 KB cd675479 almost 2 years cstimming Improve makefiles: If astyle is not there, just...
Makefile.cvs 5.49 KB eb331271 5 months admin Build: Add warning option to compiler flags.
NEWS 16.7 KB d5a5ee15 over 12 years martin Prepared release 3.7.0. git-svn-id: https://d...
README 5.07 KB 18722b12 over 5 years Micha Lenk Cleanup TLS cipher suite handling The Gwenhywf...
README.DARWIN 207 Bytes 82055c86 almost 11 years martin Removed obsolete notes for Darwin. git-svn-id:...
README.SOLARIS 539 Bytes 8fe90a4a about 17 years aquamaniac - parser/msgengine.c: - added ELEM property "...
README.W32 2.51 KB a90af67d about 11 years martin Removed invalid section from README.W32. git-s...
RELEASES 0 Bytes d6e98fc4 almost 16 years aquamaniac prepared release git-svn-id:
TODO 1.88 KB 81399bb6 3 months admin Added some ideas to TODO.
config.rpath 17.9 KB d117302f about 12 years christian Automake >= 1.10 now requires the config.rpath ... 43.8 KB 8c86566c 3 months admin Released 5.7.0beta. 374 Bytes 64cfe111 5 months admin Updated gource script. 320 Bytes 3a2a7e7c over 5 years Christian Dávid Updated cmake config files Now targets are use... 2.91 KB 776bd88c about 1 year Łukasz Wojniłowicz Set dylib extension for cmake files on macOS 2.5 KB d5d58cba over 1 year gjanssens Rewire gwenhywfar-config to use pkg-config 8.7 KB 61a1362b 12 months mlenk Switch to pkg-config for detecting OpenSSL prop...
gwenhywfar.m4 4.96 KB 9df0c406 over 1 year gjanssens Replace all functionality behind '--with-gwen-d... 953 Bytes 3d8b93bc over 1 year gjanssens Replace gwhenhywfar-config use with pkg-config ... 2.14 KB da13b417 over 13 years martin merged branch aq3 back to trunk git-svn-id: ht... 1.04 KB c7d1b331 over 17 years aquamaniac added author tag to git-svn-id: ...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
e31949e7 07/02/2021 04:19 PM rhabacker

On Mingw use '/' as dir separator to avoid compile errors

This fixes the following error:
transaction.c:12:10: fatal error: .\..._p.h: No such file or directory

f514f8d2 07/02/2021 04:01 PM rhabacker

Fix finding of ca-bundle.crt on Windows

In case of not using system certificates the bundled certificate should be
searched and added.

4b609de5 06/25/2021 02:17 AM admin

gwenbuild: Add help entry "-d".

170fd5e9 06/25/2021 02:17 AM admin

gwbuild: keep permissions when writing file via <writeFile>.

30236684 05/16/2021 11:24 PM cstimming

minor windows fix (but more windows issues still remain)

8df558ad 05/16/2021 11:21 PM cstimming

Add include flags for out-of-source build

abe559b2 05/16/2021 11:13 PM cstimming

Windows: Fix erroneous assignment statement

At least the compiler shows it as warning, from c7e26c35

81399bb6 05/06/2021 09:36 PM admin

Added some ideas to TODO.

7251c28b 05/06/2021 05:28 PM admin

gwenbuild: Check for "required" flag when checking dependencies.

f32c7428 05/06/2021 05:27 PM admin

gwenbuild: Decreased verbosity.

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