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25bffd67 15.02.2019 21:03 admin

Prepared release 4.99.10beta.

619c89f9 15.02.2019 19:55 admin

ConfigMgr: Added function GWEN_ConfigMgr_HasGroup() and implemented it.

d3709118 05.02.2019 16:20 Stefan Bayer

added member certType to identify the kind of certificate used

45cb6e82 03.02.2019 17:05 admin

Prepared release 4.99.9beta.

1f12db66 03.02.2019 17:05 admin

Result of "make format".

6218d86a 03.02.2019 17:03 admin

BUILD: Added Makefile target "format".

Just call "make format" to unify the file format through the whole project.

71235676 03.02.2019 10:08 Stefan Bayer

Added info for key number and version for SignKey, DecipherKey and
AuthSignKey, needed for getting the right values from a zka card

d12f706e 31.01.2019 23:46 admin

Formatted autocreated files (make format_build_files).

fff40e91 31.01.2019 19:32 Stefan Bayer

changed type of CID from char* to GWEN_BINDATA

77caeb2f 31.01.2019 14:57 admin

Unified file format.

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