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d47050be 14.02.2019 11:27 admin

BUILD: Improved target build_sources.

09ec40b2 14.02.2019 11:25 admin

BUILD: Added missing file.

a5bd8387 14.02.2019 11:20 admin

BUILD: Completed previous commit.

ef909ba6 14.02.2019 11:19 admin

BUILD: No longer autobuild source files from XML files.

If typemaker2 files are changed call "make sources".

c41245b7 14.02.2019 11:18 admin

Result of "make format".

c9487ae2 14.02.2019 11:17 admin

Add database check to main menu.

c1b40ecd 14.02.2019 11:17 admin

Use AE_Book_GetTableIdList() when opening database.

45444973 14.02.2019 11:17 admin

Removed unneeded includes.

dc0e9054 14.02.2019 11:17 admin

BUILD: Added Makefile target "format".

Just call "make format" to unify the file format through the whole project.

a59534d9 14.02.2019 11:17 admin

Increased version number.

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