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a9a6ed3f 05.02.2019 21:29 admin

Result of "make format".

8350272f 05.02.2019 16:23 Stefan Bayer

Removed setting of the system id with CID string, CID should be the only
system identifier (SystemId is reserved for the system id sent by the
bank in a synchronize system id dialog)

5ce6d186 03.02.2019 17:35 admin

Fixed some warnings.

13debe4e 03.02.2019 17:32 admin

Result of "make format"

35ef3f9e 03.02.2019 17:31 admin

Prepared release 5.1.3beta.

44150641 03.02.2019 17:31 admin

BUILD: Added Makefile target "format".

b0875bbc 03.02.2019 16:20 Stefan Bayer

Set the key hash algo depending on the rxh version and ef_notepad
version to inform the initial key verification.

b8f5559e 03.02.2019 14:22 Stefan Bayer

read CID for all RDH versions >= 3, not only for RDH7

56be729e 03.02.2019 10:12 Stefan Bayer

save key number and version for card keys as stored in the notepad

c1b88ef8 02.02.2019 08:19 Stefan Bayer

Fixed a bug in the zkacard-tool

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