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9d938847 01/27/2020 09:01 PM mlenk

Add missing include

The missing include of ctype.h was found via the following warning by the
Debian buildd log scanner.

main.c: In function ‘_readBytesHex’:
main.c:347:9: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘toupper’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]...

701bf662 01/19/2020 02:22 PM Herbert Ellebruch

Correct ATR for Tanjackbluetooth, Description building APDU for chiptan USB

155fe039 01/17/2020 08:14 PM admin

Changed prefix to "/usr/local".

e78cb039 01/12/2020 05:15 PM admin

Prepared release 5.1.5rc2.

5667a986 01/12/2020 03:42 PM admin

Result of "make format".

d56ee5bc 01/12/2020 03:31 PM admin

Merge branch 'he-202001-chiptanusb'

6870edd2 01/12/2020 03:12 PM admin

Added ".gitignore".

20b2a7d4 01/12/2020 03:04 PM Herbert Ellebruch

First Version Chiptan USB with Chipcard Reader

53fc6594 01/09/2020 02:09 PM admin

Fixed a compiler warning.

a24853c0 01/09/2020 02:09 PM admin

Prepared source tree for Herberts ChipTanUSB implementation.

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