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e3e1d20f 05.03.2017 13:01 admin

Detect newer DDV1 cards (patch provided anonymously).

df2689b1 27.02.2017 22:13 admin

Einige Compiler-Warnungen behoben.

fd288ffa 26.02.2017 19:23 admin

Prepared release 5.1.0beta.

c8bb8e2c 05.12.2016 23:25 admin

Extensive work on ZKA card by Holger Magnussen (Thanks very much!!).

abddacaf 05.12.2016 23:22 admin

Imported change from Gwen (I guess).

7f3a4ed9 05.12.2016 23:22 admin

Added .gitignores.

0aac8ff5 15.12.2015 15:47 admin

Prepared release 5.0.4stable.

63a69641 17.05.2015 10:35 Micha Lenk

Re-work Compiler Symbol Visibility Check

This was inspired by

4e8e7925 15.05.2015 21:31 Micha Lenk

Fix symbol visibilty check for GCC 5.x

GCC 5.x supports the -fvisibility=hidden flag too.

880898c3 04.08.2014 20:06 admin

For Linux and MacOSX: Use pkg-config to find libpcsclite.

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